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The Eastlake Fire Prevention Bureau is committed to proactively deterring loss of life, property and livelihoods. By design and the state fire code, the majority of my focus is pointed toward commercial properties, but I currently have jurisdiction over Eastlake, Timberlake & Lakeline Fire Codes including residential issues. My goal is to help people find safe solutions while managing safety risks and liabilities as a mentor.

LT Douglas Drake, Eastlake Fire Marshal

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Office Hours: 7:00am - 3:30pm

Business Phone: 440-478-3534

email: Marshal@EastlakeFire.com

Fax: 440-946-0616

Office Phone: 440-951-2287 Ext. 303

Carbon Monoxide

As winter nears, so does the concern for carbon monoxide, CO. The most common sources of carbon monoxide in a home are:
  1. Running cars in attached garages.
  2. Poorly maintained gas appliances (furnace, hot water tank, oven).
  3. Blocked chimney flues.
Remember that electric appliances do not emit CO, unless they are on fire. CO does not have an odor, but the burning objects creating the CO may.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors are the only protection you have to warn you that you are being poisoned by CO. They should be placed in common areas where they will wake you up when you are sleeping, like hallways outside bedrooms.

Additional CO Detectors may be placed in halls nearest attached garage doors, or near gas appliances.

CO Detectors will need to be replaced every 7-10 years. Chirping detectors may be caused by a low battery or a failing detector. Patterned beeping may indicate low levels of CO. Constant alarming requires evacuation to fresh air.

Symptoms of CO exposure include headache, nausea, and general flu-like weakness.

Call 911 if you think you may have a CO issue in your home or workplace. The Fire Department can monitor the air to determine safe levels.
Residential Key Box: $25
A key box that hold your house key can be mounted to your door jamb. This allows Eastlake Fire and EMS quick access to your home in the event of an emergency.

Contact LT Drake for more details at 440-478-3534.


  • All businesses operating in Eastlake must have an Occupancy Permit from the Building Dept. 440-951-1416.
  • The Fire Marshal is happy to explain any specific requirements for your business prior to that inspection. 440-478-3534.
  • All businesses differ and therefore their requirements will differ.
  • Minimum universal requirements will include:
    • a serviced ABC fire extinguisher for each properly marked exit
    • emergency lighting with operating battery back-up
    • all fire protection systems operating properly
    • free of electrical hazards
It is legal to have a small campfire in your back yard. However, the freedom is closely guarded to maintain health & safety standards.
If at anytime you feel your health or safety is at risk, call 911 to report the fire. A firefighter will determine if there is a hazard. His/her determination is final, and not debatable. If a hazard is found it will be corrected immediately or extinguished.
Repeated illegal fires will be fined. General guideline questions can be forwarded to my office 440-478-3534.

Guidelines for an acceptable fire are:
  • Fires must be contained.
  • Maximum ring diameter is 3'.
  • Fuel must be seasoned wood stacked no more than 2' high.
  • Fire must be clean burning (no smoke).
    • No green wood
    • No treated lumber
    • No plastics or waste materials
    • Dried wood does not need fuel to get it started.
  • Fire rings must be 25' from any structure or combustible.
  • Portable fireplaces must be 15' from any structure or combustible. Not on a wooden deck.
  • Fire must be supervised by a competent adult.
    • When Uncle Joe is on his second 12 pack, he is no longer competent.
  • Extinguishing agent must be readily available.
    • Garden hose works fine.
    • Sand, dirt, extinguisher if the hose doesn't reach.
  • Fire must be cool to the touch before calling it the night.
  • Weather conditions like fog, high winds, or unfavorable wind direction may account for a bad day for a fire.
Remember that we must be neighborly and enjoy our freedoms responsibly. Have a smore for me.
While purchases from licensed vendor is not a crime, the storage or discharge of fireworks is a crime. Once purchased, the owner has 48 hrs to move them outside the state border. Proof of purchase date is the owner's responsibility.

First time offenders are subject up to $1000.00 fine, and 6 months jail. Second time offenders face a 5th degree felony.

The Lake County Captains host fireworks nearly every home weekend game. Come to Classic Park, enjoy a game and watch all the fireworks, without the risk of fines or jail.

Texting While Driving

The Kids are Back to School

A new school-year is upon us. Teachers and students will be practicing fire drills.

Does your home have a fire escape plan?
Are your smoke detectors working?
Is the sitter's house kid-proofed?

When fire is detected at school, every child knows what to do, and where to go. The same needs to occur at the home.

Contact your Fire Marshal at 440-478-3534 if you need help with a plan.


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