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Boulevard of Flags
America Remembers 9-11 Memorial

The Boulevard of 500 Flags started as a memorial to local veterans. After Sept. 11, 2001, a section was dedicated to honor those who fell that day. It includes 2 beams from the Trade Center, part of a lamp post, and granite pieces from the lobby.

The monument also includes a piece of granite from the Pentagon along with soil and earth from Shanksville, PA.

The 500 flags here represent all local veterans and presently 1,000 names are attached to the 500 flagstaffs. Flags fly at half-staff for those killed in action.

An eternal flame burns here to commemorate the arrival of the Olympic Torch in 1996.

The Lake County Captains

The Lake County Captains is a minor league baseball team in Eastlake. The team, a Class A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians, plays in the Midwest League.

American Croatian Lodge

The American Croatian Lodge, 34900 Lake Shore Blvd., is home to the Croatian community in Northeast Ohio. Open to the public, the complex houses several businesses, banquet facilities, the Drubovnik Garden Restaurant, the Croatian Heritage Museum and Library, and a gift shop.

Bird Watching in Eastlake

Lake Erie waters near the Eastlake Power Plant are a favorite bird-watching site for Northeast Ohio birders. Warm water from the plant issues from between metal-armored piers 150 yards west of the parking lot and flows eastward into Lake Erie. Birds resort to it for feeding, bobbing in the water or wheeling. Even in the coldest winters, the warm water opens a lead in the ice that lies within easy view of the parking lot.

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  Boulevard of 500 Flags

Boulevard of 500 Flags


Skipper, mascot of the Lake County Captains Photo courtesy of the Lake County Captains

Croatian Lodge

A view from within the Croatian Lodge including the statue of Cardinal Aloysius Stepanic, Cardinal of Zagreb from 1937 to 1960.

The Eastlake Power Plant next to Lake Erie

Eastlake Power Plant

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